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Name and Name in Santa's Workshop

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Here we snow again! A Magical Adventure in Santa's Workshop

This enchanting story revolves around one or two little heroes, who have been invited to help out at Santa's Workshop. They are reacquainted with their animal friends and together they get all the presents ready, while learning about all the fun things that go on at Santa’s workshop.

Santa’s to-do lists are very long. There are toys to be tested, presents to be wrapped and reindeer to be groomed. To get everything done is going to take a lot of Christmas spirit and a sprinkle of magic. It is a lot of work but also lots of fun! Who knows... maybe they’ll even get to ride home in Santa’s sleigh?

In this personalised children's book, you decide whether to have one or two children for the exciting journey. One or two adults play supporting roles at the beginning of the book.

This book is a sequel to Name and Name's Christmas Adventureand leads into book 3: Name and Name Save Christmas . Each book can be read individually, or as part of the series.

Author: Anne Mette K Olesen
Illustrator: Meike Schneider

Age Group
4 to 9 years
24 pages
delivery time
5-7 days
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In Stock
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr

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