• How do I order a book with my child in the leading role?
    Please follow the simple steps below to customise and order a book:
    1. Choose the title/story you like most, and which you find suitable for the child.
    2. Click ”Personalise this book”.
    3. Fill in the information which is to be included in the book – it is IMPORTANT that all fields are filled in, and that they are filled in correctly!
    4. Choose gender, hair and skin colour of the little main character as well as hair and skin colour of the other characters.
    5. Click ”Complete”.
    6. Please check that the information you entered and the personal book front are correct, and as you want.
    7. Are there any errors in the information? Then click ”Edit information”.
      – Does everything look good? Then click ”Add to basket”
    8. Check your order and then click ”Go to checkout”
    9. Please enter your address and phone number
    10. Accept our terms and conditions
    11. You will now be transferred to a secure payment site

  • If you have any questions about a specific book, or during the ordering process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available every weekday by email ( between 08:00-15:00 or on the phone (+44) 0204 542 4414 between 08:00-10:30.

  • How do I order a personalised poster for my child?

    To order a personalised poster, you need to go through the following simple steps:

    1. First choose which poster(s) you want to personalise for your child. 

    2. Fill in all the fields with your child's information - including name, date of birth and colour and font on the poster. Remember to double check that everything is entered correctly.

    3. Click "Save and preview". Check that the information entered is correct and that you want it. If you find any errors in the information, you can return to the edit by clicking "Edit information". When everything looks fine, you can click "Add the poster to the basket".

    4. You will now be taken to the shopping cart. Here you can see your order overview and possibly add more products before accepting the terms and conditions and clicking "Checkout".

    5. The final step is to enter billing and delivery information, after which you click "For payment" to complete your order.

    As soon as your order is completed, you will receive an order confirmation and receipt from us by email. Here again, we encourage you to double-check that the information entered is correct so that no errors occur in your book. Please note that you have 1 hour to change your order before it goes into production, and that it will not be possible to make changes after this.

  • Is there any limit on the length of the child’s name?
  • There is a limit of 17 letters in the names of the characters. this is to prevent any design issues that may occur due to extremely long names.
  • Can I change the skin colour of the characters in the book?
    Yes - when ordering a book, you choose the skin and hair colour of each character. Thus, the illustrations will be quite unique for your child’s book.
  • In one of the fields for the book I have chosen, you suggest that I write the name of e.g. grandfather. My boy does not have any grandparents left – can I write another character into the story?
    Yes, unless it is specifically stated that it MUST be a grandfather who is part of the story, you can write e.g. an uncle, the neighbour, or an elderly friend of the child into the story.
  • What if I forget to fill in a field during the personalisation/ordering of the book – or if I write a wrong name etc.? 
    In that case, this information will be missing or incorrect in the book text, and the text will not make any sense! Therefore, it is very important that you enter the correct data in the required fields when ordering.
  • Can I be sure that no invoice etc. is enclosed in the package if I want to send the book directly to the child?
    All invoices, order confirmations, and other information with prices are only sent on email to the email address you entered when ordering the book.
  • How long will it take from order of the book to delivery?
    As a rule, we produce and ship the order within 5-7 working days. We will ship it by Royal Mail
  • Is it safe to pay by credit card on this site?
    We use Adyen to handle payments. Adyen encrypts all your payment information with the so-called TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. This means that unauthorised persons cannot read your card number or other information in connection with the payment. Information provided on is stored for the sole purpose of being able to serve you as a customer and deliver your goods. When paying and entering payment information, this is done directly through Adyen. Therefore, your payment information is 100% secured with Adyen. Neither My Best Book nor others have the ability to gain access.
  • What do I do if there are errors in the book I have received?
    If there, contrary to all expectations, should be any errors in your order, please notify us immediately at, and we will replace your book as soon as possible.
    If the error is caused by the fact that you entered the wrong information when ordering, we cannot replace your book. However, you are welcome to contact us anyway, and we will find a fast solution for you.