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A trip to the forest!
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Name's Trip to the Forest

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A Forest Adventure for Young Animal Lovers.

A sweet and endearing book about an adventure in the forest. Along with the grown-ups, the little explorer meets all the animals in the forest and their children.

In the forest, they meet a fox and its curious pups, a jumping hare and a sweet deer who love apples. By the lake, they find a croaking frog and the tiny tadpoles. The forest floor is filled with lots of little creepy-crawlies. In the tree canopies, they notice a woodpecker, a hooting owl and not forgetting, a forgetful squirrel that cannot find its nuts!

The book is perfect for young children between the ages of 0 to 4. An educational book about animals that live in the forest. The child is the main character with one grown-up. Other family members can be added in minor roles, if needed.

In this personalised children’s book, the child is actively involved in the reading. For example, by counting, singing, hooting like an owl, croaking like a frog, and helping the squirrel find its nuts!

Author: Anna Dybdal
Illustrator: Ewa Delgado

Age Group
0 to 4 years
24 pages
delivery time
5-7 days
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In Stock
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr
Hardcover, Coated Paper 200gr

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Write the name of the person waving goodbye from home when the child is going on a picnic. He/she is not illustrated.

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