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Name & Father Christmas

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Our main character is writing a wish list to Father Christmas.
There is one thing in particular the child really wants for Christmas. Our main character closes her/his eyes and dreams that this very wish will be wrapped up in crackling paper with a big soft silk bow and put underneath the Christmas tree.
Now the child wants to ask the adult in the story if Father Christmas is likely to be thinking of our main character. The adult can’t give a clear answer to this, but instead, he starts to tell what Christmas is also about – not just the presents. When it is finally Christmas, the doorbell suddenly rings and our main character opens it.
Whoever might it be standing there on the other side of the door?

Author: Mikkel Milsgaard  Illustrator: Mikkel Stubbe Teglbjærg 
Age group
2 to 8 years
28 pages
21,5 x 15,5 cm
delivery time
4-6 days
Nordic Swan Label
Nordic Swan Label

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Other characters

Enter the name or the title of the elderly gentleman, that the child's talks to about Pixies. The child does not live with this person.
Enter the name of the woman, that the child writes the wishlist together with. This person is not illustrated in the book.

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