Stinne Lykke Valentin Nordvig portrait

Stinne Lykke Valentin Nordvig

It's incredibly healthy to read books, and it's even better to share the reading experience with those we love. I love to contribute to that process when I write tales, and I love to play with universes, images and language. In my work as a teacher of religion, cross-cultural studies, Nordic languages and literature, stories have always been at the core of my greatest interest. With my own son, that interest has its own unique playroom, where the joy of stories, imagination and self-discovery is tangible and concrete.

Children understand their world gradually, in bits and pieces, in recognition and in confirmation, but also in cautious baby steps out into a world of wonder and new ideas. Personalised children's books create the framework around that growth. They open new worlds and feed the imagination, which is the best gift – and it's a fantastic process to be a part of.

Name and Name's Space Adventure
Space travel!
Age Group 5 to 8 years pages 32 pages
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Name and Name's Time Travels
Time Travels!
Age Group 5 to 9 years pages 32 pages
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Name, Name and Name's Magical Lantern Quest
Age Group 5 to 8 years pages 32 pages
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