Ina Victoria Haller portrait

Ina Victoria Haller

As the daughter of a librarian for children's books and a writer, you might say I am genetically predisposed when it comes to children's literature. In one way or another, books have always been a part of my life, and I hope to be able to pass on my interest in books, not just to my own children, but to all children.

I am a trained psychologist and have a background in child and youth psychiatry through private practice. Together with Lea Letén, illustrator and author of children's books, I run Rebus Børneformidling, where we teach and help children better understand topics both big and small about which they may need extra information and where the adults in the child's life may need help generating good dialogue.

Through my writing, I also work to ensure that children are taken seriously and understand what is happening around them, which makes for stronger and more confident children.

Name and the Magical Dummy Elf
Goodbye to Dummies!
Age Group 2 to 4 years pages 32 pages
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A Goodnight Book for Name
Goodnight book!
Age Group 3 to 5 years pages 28 pages
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Name Starts School
Starting School
Age Group 3 to 6 years pages 32 pages
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Name Waves Goodbye to Nappies
Potty Training!
Age Group 0 to 3 years pages 24 pages
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